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"Our campaign has been THE LEADING CAMPAIGN in fundraising and donors among those challenging the incumbent in both quarter 1 & 2 (and even out-raised the incumbent in Q2)! Over 300+ contributors have stood up and are demanding a better Memphis! And recently, we have been endorsed by the Memphis Fire Fighters Association & Memphis Police Association!  I can't thank you enough! Let's win this! Your continued support is greatly appreciated". - Jerred

Fighting Blight: Being attentive, thorough, and following up on blighted properties throughout our district.  Special thanks to justmymemphis

Background: Business Management, Insurance & Leadership

Starting at an early age, Jerred built an extensive background in business management, leadership, team building, business operations, and Human Resources. Jerred believes that to be a leader, you must listen and work hand in hand with others to create the best ideas and ways to implement them. He believes when you are in a position of leadership, it must never be taken advantage of.

"Leaders are ordinary people doing extraordinary things."


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Giving Back &


In 2018, Mayor Jim Strickland appointed Jerred as Commissioner for Memphis City Beautiful. He is a Memphis advocate and also volunteers with numerous organizations including but not limited to Friends for Life, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Mystic Krewe of Pegasus, Downtown Neighborhood Association, Downtown Memphis Commission, Memphis Medical District Collaborative, and many others!

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The Need for New, Fresh

Leadership on Council

As the city approaches its 200th birthday, the need for honest, reliable, and fresh leadership has never been stronger. Our city has made great strides, but so many areas of our city have been forgotten and don't have someone willing to listen to the people's concerns, interests, and feedback. An elected representative should work with all parties in the community--citizens, businesses, and organizations---and should stand and vote for what's best for their community and city, not their own benefit.

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I am no longer accepting things I can't change. I am now fighting to change things I don't accept.