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Are you ready to help change our city?

"Let's look out the window into the city we love. Let's identify its opportunities and create common sense solutions. It's time we focus on the human element of our city!" - Jerred

Serving you on the

MLGW Neighborhood Advisory Council

The overall guiding principle of the Council is that it is an advisory body which is representative of the community. The ultimate responsibility for the administration and management, operation and the long-range planning of the Division rests with the executive staff of Memphis Light, Gas and Water.

The ultimate responsibility for establishing policy for MLGW rests with the MLGW Board of Commissioners. The Advisory Council is intended to provide additional community resource and perspective.

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Serving you in the

Downtown Neighborhood Association

The Downtown Neighborhood Association is a non-profit, community organization that promotes the quality of life of Downtown Memphis, as well as safeguards it's unique ambiance.

DNA has been there to help shape downtown into the livable, enjoyable neighborhood that it is today. Without those early visionaries and those that came after, who believed and fought for this neighborhood, we might not be here today. Without them, it certainly would be a very different place. 

DNA is the largest and oldest association in downtown with over 400+ members. 

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Serving you as

Commissioner for the City

of Memphis

In 2018, Mayor Jim Strickland appointed Jerred Price to serve the residents of Memphis.

 The Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor of Memphis and approved by the City Council to serve a two-year term. The commission Jerred series on, Memphis City Beautiful, is a working board and the Commissioners are required to participate in one of several standing committees, as well as other special projects.

Through MCB's work and that of their 26,885 volunteers, in 2019 they delivered over $2,389,848 in total benefits to communities across Memphis.

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Serving you on the

Transportation Management Association

Our TMA supports growth, community health, and economic vitality in Downtown Memphis and the Memphis Medical District.

We do so by coordinating transportation demand management (TDM) efforts on behalf of employers, employees, residents, students, patients, and visitors and by providing equitable mobility options that connect people to jobs, housing, health care, education, entertainment, and other opportunities. We are here to serve you.

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#Keeping901Informed Radio Show Host - KWAM Memphis

In November 2021, after 7 years of posting about Memphis news, developments, and happenings using #Keeping901Informed on social media, Jerred was contracted to take his informative platform to the airways at KWAM Memphis 107.9!  His show, featured Saturdays at 11am, helps keep Memphians "in the know" about their city and the things happening around them.  Special guest speakers are invited often and they take calls/questions from the audience. See the most recent episode via FB live by clicking HERE.

Leading the Community Effort to Save the Amphitheater

In 2020, Jerred, while serving as President of Downtown Neighborhood Association, helped form a committee to bring the beloved amphitheater to the forefront of people's minds and heart.  Through his work, he lifted the voice of many to say "it's time to invest in this landmark; Memphis is music, and music is Memphis".  The voice was lifted and heard at City Hall where less than a year later, Mayor Strickland allocated $4mil towards it's renovation.

Founder / Creator of State's First Rainbow Crosswalk

In November 2019, Jerred led the efforts to make state history by installing the state's first rainbow crosswalk paid for and installed by volunteers and private donations.  The crosswalk was installed in the Cooper-Young community, which has the highest concentration of same-sex identifying households in the southeast United States.

(Photo: Jerred stands at the state's first rainbow crosswalk at Cooper & Young Ave)

Leading Community Clean Ups

Appointed by Mayor Jim Strickland, Jerred serves as Commissioner for the City of Memphis' City Beautiful Commission.  A cleaner, more beautiful Memphis is a strong passion for Jerred.  Jerred has led several community beautification projects and clean ups since being appointed in 2019. One of the most memorable for him was the former "What-A-Burger" clean up in Frayser.

(Photo: Jerred stands with dirty hands and face at the Frayser clean up he helped lead at the former What-a-burger site)

Leading By Example & With Dedication

Jerred was elected President of the Downtown Neighborhood Association in February 2020.  When elected, the organization had only 67 members and monthly meetings were down to 25-30 people per event.  Through his leadership and with the help of the dedicated new board members he appointed and the membership elected, the organization has grown to its largest membership EVER with over 500+ members & membership meetings exceeding 150+ people with guest speakers that range from Congressman Steve Cohen to Mayor Jim Strickland. The organization also helps keep downtown clean with it's first ever initiative: DNA's "Fight the Blight" initiative.  Read more about DNA by clicking HERE and more about "Fight the Blight" by clicking HERE.

Memphis is About Music, So is Jerred! 

​​Civic work isn't the only passion of Jerred's.  He also loves Music!  In 2014, he started playing for crowds on World Famous Beale Street at Hard Rock Cafe and as the crowds grew, so did his venue.  In 2018, his residency show "Almost Elton John" started at historic Lafayette's and sells out nearly every month! In 2021, Jerred took his show to Live At the Garden where he and his band, "The Rocketmen" sold nearly 1,200+ tickets!  "Music runs through Memphis' blood and through mine.  Music brings people together, and I hope with our music, we can do the same" says Price.  See more at his music page,

(Photo: Jerred takes selfie with his hero & friend, Sir Elton John)


Fighting blighted properties, volunteering at local community clean-ups, working with community partners, leading community projects, and helping non-profits are just some of the ways "I try to Be the change I wish to see!"