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Norma Lester - Treasurer

 More About Jerred!

City Council Campaign Kick-Off 2023!

"At our kickoff on the rooftop of Hu Hotel on October 13th, 2022, people from all over District 8 and the city came out to support and celebrate the launch of our campaign. Thank you Michael O. Harris for welcoming everyone with your speech from the heart and being such a good friend for 10+ years. Furthermore, a very special thank you to the LEGENDARY James Alexander of the BarKays for coming and speaking such kind words. I am honored to have the support of the legendary BarKays and I'm so happy to call you a friend. 

I want to give a HUGE thank you to the elected officials and community leaders that are supporting our journey to Memphis City Council and I am honored and humbled to have their support.


Partnering with Community Leaders in Whitehaven To Get New Christmas Tree for Southland Mall

In December 2022, Jerred partnered with with Respect the Haven CDC Founder Jason Sharif, I Love Whitehaven Community and Business Association Founder Pearl Walker, and other Whitehaven leaders to bring a new Christmas tree to the community after the community raised over $30,000 in donations to pay for a new Christmas tree. 

See the story by clicking HERE.

Leading Community Clean Ups

Appointed by Mayor Jim Strickland, Jerred serves as Commissioner for the City of Memphis' City Beautiful Commission.  A cleaner, more beautiful Memphis is a strong passion for Jerred.  Jerred has led several community beautification projects and clean ups since being appointed in 2019. One of the most memorable for him was the former "What-A-Burger" clean up in Frayser.

(Photo: Jerred stands with dirty hands and face at the Frayser clean up he helped lead at the former What-a-burger site)

Jerred Honored by Shelby County Commission for Leadership

In February 2022, Jerred's two year term as Downtown Neighborhood Association President came to an end and he passed the torch to his Vice President, Elijah Townsend.  The board and Shelby County Commission wanted to honor Jerred for his very successful term and his leadership within the community.  A proclamation was created and presented to Jerred at the February 2022 Membership meeting.  Under Jerred's leadership, the organization grew from 67 members to over 500 and saw the creation of their first app, Fight The Blight initiative, started the free Spring Movie Series, and MUCH more!  

See the Facebook post about the presentation of this proclamation by clicking HERE.

Memphis is About Music, So is Jerred! 

​​Civic work isn't the only passion of Jerred's.  He also loves Music!  In 2014, he started playing for crowds on World Famous Beale Street at Hard Rock Cafe and as the crowds grew, so did his venue.  In 2018, his residency show "Almost Elton John" started at historic Lafayette's and sells out nearly every month! In 2021, Jerred took his show to Live At the Garden where he and his band, "The Rocketmen" sold nearly 1,200+ tickets!  "Music runs through Memphis' blood and through mine.  Music brings people together, and I hope with our music, we can do the same" says Price.  See more at his music page,

Leading By Example & With Dedication

Jerred was elected President of the Downtown Neighborhood Association in February 2020.  When elected, the organization had only 67 members and monthly meetings were down to 25-30 people per event.  Through his leadership and with the help of the dedicated new board members he appointed and the membership elected, the organization has grown to its largest membership EVER with over 500+ members & membership meetings exceeding 150+ people with guest speakers that range from Congressman Steve Cohen to Mayor Jim Strickland. The organization also helps keep downtown clean with it's first ever initiative: DNA's "Fight the Blight" initiative.  Read more about DNA by clicking HERE and more about "Fight the Blight" by clicking HERE.

Helping Organize Community to Stop Massive Parking Garage

In 2021, Jerred, as Downtown Neighborhood Assoc. President, was approached by Uptown leaders and residents asking for help to stop a massive, 7-story parking garage from being built in their single family home, quaint community.  The garage, proposed by St. Jude, would have been built at 4th Street & AW Willis.  United with the community, Jerred took the message and plea to the DNA board of directors who unanimously voted to stand with the community.  Jerred, arm in arm with the community, helped advocate for the community and their plea for asking St. Jude to build the garage at their original location which was not in the uptown community.  Together, they went before the Board of adjustments and convinced them the project was harmful to the community; the board voted it down.

Founder / Creator of State's First Rainbow Crosswalk

In November 2019, Jerred led the efforts to make state history by installing the state's first rainbow crosswalk paid for and installed by volunteers and private donations.  The crosswalk was installed in the Cooper-Young community, which has the highest concentration of same-sex identifying households in the southeast United States.

(Photo: Jerred stands at the state's first rainbow crosswalk at Cooper & Young Ave)

Leading the Community Effort to Save the Amphitheater

In 2020, Jerred, while serving as President of Downtown Neighborhood Association, helped form a committee to bring the beloved amphitheater to the forefront of people's minds and heart.  Through his work, he lifted the voice of many to say "it's time to invest in this landmark; Memphis is music, and music is Memphis".  The voice was lifted and heard at City Hall where less than a year later, Mayor Strickland allocated $4mil towards it's renovation.

Spearheading Street Renaming for James E. Alexander of Barkays

In April of 2022, Jerred partnered with Councilman JB Smiley Jr. and Renisha Mayes to honor James E. Alexander of the BarKays. The group helped bring an honorary street renaming to Jame's childhood street in Soulsville. Stafford Ave is now "James E. Alexander Ave" to honor this music icon and Memphis native. As a musician himself, Jerred was honored to be asked by Mayes to help bring this idea to reality. Jerred was also honored to serve as emcee for the street renaming ceremony that had guest including Congressman Steve Cohen, Memphis Tourism's Kevin Cane, Alexander's family, and more! There were over 150+ people in attendance for the event.

Commissioner for the City of Memphis' City Beautiful

In 2018, Mayor Jim Strickland appointed Jerred Price to serve the residents of Memphis.

as Commissioner for the City of Memphis' City Beautiful Commission.  

Through MCB's work and that of their 26,885 volunteers, in 2019 they delivered over $2,389,848 in total benefits to communities across Memphis.

Jerred has a strong passion for a more clean, beautiful Memphis. He encourages people to reach out to him to help communities plan city clean ups and beautification projects!

Serving you on GWERC's Community Council

The is a group of active community leaders and organizations gathered to support the revitalization of the Greater Whitehaven Community. The mission of the WCAC is to represent and promote diverse perspectives related to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of activities and events across the greater Whitehaven community. Utilizing a collective impact model, the coalition will be able to carry out action plan goals and objectives by participating in Working Groups. These working groups will work towards gaining stakeholder feedback, identify and resolve local concerns, and build community support during the process.

Serving you on Downtown Neighborhood Assocation's Board of Directors

The Downtown Neighborhood Association is a non-profit, community organization that promotes the quality of life of Downtown Memphis, as well as safeguards it's unique ambiance.

DNA has been there to help shape downtown into the livable, enjoyable neighborhood that it is today. Without those early visionaries and those that came after, who believed and fought for this neighborhood, we might not be here today. Without them, it certainly would be a very different place.

DNA is the largest and oldest association in downtown with over 400+ members. 

Serving you on MLGW's Community Council

The overall guiding principle of the Council is that it is an advisory body which is representative of the community. The ultimate responsibility for the administration and management, operation and the long-range planning of the Division rests with the executive staff of Memphis Light, Gas and Water.

The ultimate responsibility for establishing policy for MLGW rests with the MLGW Board of Commissioners. The Advisory Council is intended to provide additional community resource and perspective.

Serving you on Downtown Memphis Commission's TMA Committee 

Our TMA supports growth, community health, and economic vitality in Downtown Memphis and the Memphis Medical District.

We do so by coordinating transportation demand management (TDM) efforts on behalf of employers, employees, residents, students, patients, and visitors and by providing equitable mobility options that connect people to jobs, housing, health care, education, entertainment, and other opportunities.

We are here to serve you.

Business Management, 

Leadership, & Entrepreneurship 

Starting at an early age, Jerred built an extensive background in business management, leadership, team building, business operations, and Human Resources.

 Jerred believes that to be a leader, you must listen and work hand in hand with others to create the best ideas and ways to implement them. 

He believes when you are in a position of leadership, it must never be taken advantage of; you should use your position to better the world around you.

In 2021, Jerred used his experience with business management (Senior Mangager for Lowe's Home Centers) & insurance (Property Adjuster for nearly 10 years)  to launch his own company, Price & Co. Roofing.  An unmatched experience utilizing his understanding of construction, insurance, and customer service, the company got off to a busy start and serves the greater Memphis area.  

To see more, visit

Community Servant

In 2018, Mayor Jim Strickland appointed Jerred as Commissioner for the City of Memphis' Memphis City Beautiful. In 2020, he was elected President of the oldest and largest neighborhood Association in Downtown Memphis: The Downtown Neighborhood Association which has an outreach of 12,000+ downtown residents and businesses.

Another big accomplishment came in 2020 with the nomination and approval to a national board of directors.  The Victory Fund Campaign Board is a national entity that promotes LGBTQ+ people to run for office and goes further to even endorse them and help with fundraising efforts! Jerred has gotten to work with community leaders and candidates from all over the USA!

Most of all, however, he is a Memphis advocate! He volunteers & works with numerous organizations including but not limited to Friends for Life, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Mystic Krewe of Pegasus, Downtown Neighborhood Association,  Memphis Medical District Collaborative, and many others!

Musician: Almost Elton John

Jerred's hit show, "Almost Elton John & The RocketMen" can be found at world famous Lafayette's Music room in Overton Square! 

 The show started at Hard Rock on Beale Street and has grown to be a Memphis favorite in the music scene. 

Recently, Jerred was booked to play Memphis Botanic Garden's Live at the Garden event where over 500+ people came to hear his tribute show at the Radians Amphitheater!

 Jerred was the featured artist in New York City for Elton John's 60th birthday celebration on the "Lunch Around the World" cruise that helped raise money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Given 4 stars from the Memphis Flyer, this a must see show!

He has gotten to meet and become friends with his idol (Elton John) and the two share a passion for sharing love, music, and talent.