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Effort Underway to Save Mud Island Amphitheater

August 5, 2020

Local Memphis (ABC 24) talks to Downtown Neighborhood Association, Jerred Price, about their plan to save the Mud Island Amphitheater. Click HERE to watch!

WATCH: Out of work restaurant service workers help clean up blight in Memphis - DNA's "Fight The Blight" Program 

August 4, 2020

FOX 13 catches up with Two Broke Bartenders & DNA President Jerred Price for a story about their new partnership to fight blight in downtown. Click HERE to watch!

Downtown Neighborhood Assocation Partners with Two Broke Bartenders to Clean Up Blight

August 3, 2020

Michael Donahue of The Memphis Flyer covers DNA's new "Fight The Blight" Program created by DNA President, Jerred Price. Click HERE to read more!

Group Aims to Revive Mud Island Amphitheater

July 21, 2020

Toby Sells of The Memphis Flyer interviews DNA President Jerred Price about new committee and plans to bring back the beloved Mud Island Amphitheater.

Click HERE!

DNA President Jerred Price Creates "Committee for Affordability & Sustainability"

July 18, 2020

"Committee for Affordability & Sustainability" - This committee will focus on ways the DNA and city can work together to help people with drastic increases in land values and tax increase. They will also work toward ways to help keep downtown rents affordable for all to be able to live downtown affordably.

This committee will be chaired by Dr. Kevin Brooks. A native of Memphis, Dr. Kevin Brooks has spent twenty-five years leading efforts to transform communities by connecting people to policy, philanthropy and advocacy. An experienced educator, organizational leader and fundraising development consultant, Kevin brings to Memphis a commitment to foster equity and shared prosperity for all its citizens.
Also joining this committee as Co-Chair is Shelisa Cox. Shelisa is a native Memphian. She grew up in the heart of North Memphis and since the age of eight, she always worked in her community to make a difference. She is a member of the NAACP and the Chair of Outreach for Democratic Women of Shelby County. She wanted to serve on this committee because she believes that in Memphis, everyone should have the option to live where they want to despite of their income or hardships. She also believes long term residents of communities facing increasing tax values and rents shouldn't be forced out of their homes due to their communities not being affordable.

Frank Talk on Human Rights with ABC24 Memphis

LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter continuing the fight for equality.

June 26, 2020

Continuing the fight on equality with Jerred Price, City of Memphis / Memphis City Beautiful Commissioner and Anchor, John Paul. Join in on the discussion.   Click HERE!

Opinion - MRPP needs to polish the ‘jewel’ on our front porch: Mud Island River Park

June 9, 2020

Jerred writes opinion piece for The Daily Memphian regarding plans to renovate Tom Lee Park & the abandoned state of Mud Island River Park. Click HERE!

Rainbow Crosswalk To Be Installed In Cooper-Young This Weekend

October 31, 2019

Action News 5 covers the story of the state's first rainbow crosswalk being installed on Nov 2, 2019!  The projects curator/founder, Jerred Price, is excited to make state history with the Cooper Young Association! See more HERE!

Jerred Price: Human Race Advocate

March 6, 2019

Focus Magazine's Kevin Shaw does a story on Jerred and his contagious passion for Memphis, music, and people! See more HERE!